Golf Themed Gender Reveal Party

How to throw a Golf-themed Gender Reveal Party!

Daddy’s Little Caddy Gender Reveal Party: HOW TO!

That seems oddly specific, doesn’t it? What are the chances that the handful of people who read this will actually be throwing a Gender Reveal Party and decide to make it golf themed?

Probably slim.

But this little snapshot of our party will be helpful whether you’re throwing a Gender Reveal Party, Baby Shower, Birthday Party, or any kind of party, really. And that goes for non-golf-themed parties too. Making your own decorations and including personal touches that apply to your theme/color scheme/occasion will make your party a hit without breaking the bank.

Here’s how we did it!

How to throw a Golf-themed Gender Reveal Party!

We picked the golf theme for two reasons: #1 – Anthony loves to golf, and its something he does with his Dad and brothers and it brings him a ton of joy. This was a party to celebrate him as a Dad-to-be after all, and also a way to include the guys in the pregnancy without forcing them to attend a baby shower. #2 – Reason #1 meant I already had tons of ideas in my head for decorations and I knew his family would have fun stuff we could borrow too. That made party planning a little easier & a whole lot cheaper.

One of the ways we saved was by designing our own invitations. You can use to make super cute graphics, which you can then download to your computer and upload to the staples website to have printed professionally. (I don’t get paid to say that, I just really love the Canva app – and its FREE!)

Here’s what I designed to get people excited about the theme:

How to throw a Golf-themed Gender Reveal Party!

Lucky for us, Anthony’s parent’s house has a large screened in patio that backs up to a golf course. It was the perfect setting for our party and so beautiful already. I definitely suggest finding a place where you can throw your party for free – its a huge money saver and takes away tons of stress!

Another way to reduce stress is slimming down the guest list. We originally wanted all our family there – aunts, uncles, cousins. But we both have huge families, and we quickly realized that it wasn’t going to be affordable for us. So we decided to make it immediate family only (our siblings & their spouses, our parents, and our grandparents).

Everyone was super understanding, and we were actually able to spend quality time with the people at the party instead of being overwhelmed the whole time. Plus, the ladies who didn’t get to come will get to celebrate with me at the baby shower later!

But lets get to the fun stuff, shall we?

How to throw a Golf-themed Gender Reveal Party!

Decorating was actually really easy and inexpensive, because I made most of it myself or grabbed stuff from the dollar store. The pom-poms (below) and rolls of streamers came in sets of 2 for $1, and I used some cute string that I already had to hang everything. I made the streamers into a backdrop and little banners that went across each table. Thats lots of cuteness for just $4!

I already had the blackboards, so I used one for a pregnancy update on one of the food & drink tables. I also already had a set of little black signs to use for labeling the food, and filled a jar with golf balls as decoration. Anthony’s Dad let us borrow a mini golf cart they had from past parties & a cute little golf bag ornament to set on the table. The food took up most of the space, so the little touches were all we needed!

How to throw a Golf-themed Gender Reveal Party!

I made a “Party at the 19th Hole!” sign for the front door, served Arnold Palmers for drinks, and glued plastic golf balls to wooden tees for fun cupcake toppers. My green “grass” icing didn’t turn out quite as cute as I had hoped, but thats what happens when you try to wing it instead of buying the correct icing tip. Oh well – cupcakes are for eating, anyway.

I also made these really cute little flags using construction paper and skewers, which I stuck in a potted plant with a golf ball for the centerpieces for each seating table. But I forgot to take pictures of those, so you’ll just have to imagine that they were adorable.

How to throw a Golf-themed Gender Reveal Party!

Now for the most important part of any party – FOOD.

Since the Superbowl was the next day, I decided to go with football party foods. Which I realize doesn’t fit the theme, but what would golf food look like anyway?

Here’s what was on the menu:

Build Your Own Slider Bar – Burgers with all the toppings! Feta, Cheddar, Caramelized Onions, Spinach, Tomato, Spicy Ketchup, Chipotle Mayo, and Butter Lettuce (cheaper than gluten-free buns & a good option for those who couldn’t have the amazing fluffy rolls I got from Whole Foods)
Buffalo Chicken Dip with Tortilla Chips
Jalapeño Poppers (shout out to Brooke for making these for me)
Stromboli (refrigerated pizza dough brushed with homemade marinara, and piled with mozzarella, parmesan, and crispy pepperonis – rolled up and baked until melty and crispy and SO DANG GOOD)
Fresh Veggies with Homemade Ranch & Fresh Fruit with Greek Yogurt Dip (greek yogurt with peanut butter, honey, and cinnamon – its delicious!)
Strawberry Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Icing (Anthony’s favorite!) and Homemade Peanut Butter & Chocolate Rice Crispies (for my gluten-free homies)
Arnold Palmers, Hibiscus Lemonade, Water, and Beer to drink

I grabbed plastic utensils and green and white napkins from the dollar store, and the table covers and plastic cups from GFS. The plates were the only thing that was specifically golf, which our Meme hunted down for us at a store in Orlando because she’s awesome!

How to throw a Golf-themed Gender Reveal Party!
How to throw a Golf-themed Gender Reveal Party!
How to throw a Golf-themed Gender Reveal Party!

Wow, I just realized that my menu may have been a little obnoxious.

My family probably could’ve told you that from the jump.

And honestly, nobody really ate the veggies or fruit. Part of it could have been because they were on the dessert and drinks table, but I’m assuming that its mostly because nobody wants raw broccoli when there’s buffalo chicken dip and stromboli up for grabs. Understandable.

How to throw a Golf-themed Gender Reveal Party!

More cute stuff!!

Now it wouldn’t be a Gender Reveal Party without some baby related decorations & a few “games” / activities. I found these blue and pink foot stickers at Hobby Lobby for $1 each (score!), and made a little sign to go with it so people would choose a sticker to wear when they came in. The foam golf visors were also $1 each, which was a cute way to get people to wear the theme.

The other chalkboard I had was turned into a ‘boys vs girls’ prediction chart using old wives tales. These predictions are all pretty much useless, but its fun to be a little superstitious about it when you have exactly zero clue whether you’re having a boy or girl.

We also had a printed calendar set out for the months of May & June so everyone could guess the birthday, which is another inexpensive way to get everyone involved at the party.

How to throw a Golf-themed Gender Reveal Party!

But my absolute favorite part of the decorations was the photo display. The display itself was borrowed, but I plan on making one for myself for future parties. I gathered up photos of Anthony and I from when we were babies and toddlers, and hung them with the ultrasound photos and a picture of us from when we were 12. Everyone loved seeing what our future child might look like, and I got to see a lot of old photos of our families while I was searching.

The crowning glory was this little onesie that my step mom got for us right before the party:

How to throw a Golf-themed Gender Reveal Party!

This sweet thing is going to get a lot of good use.

All this was cute and fun, but we were all there for one reason – the gender reveal.

We did ours to fit the theme & ordered a golf ball filled with colored powder. Anthony & I waited a long time to figure out what we are having, and this was such a fun way to do it. All we had to do was order a “secret ball” from a shop on Etsy and have someone else email the maker with the gender of our baby so we could be surprised with our family.

How to throw a Golf-themed Gender Reveal Party!

Baby Daddy is getting his baby boy!

How to throw a Golf-themed Gender Reveal Party!

The key to throwing an awesome party is knowing what matters most to you. Find free or inexpensive options for the stuff that nobody will even notice (like skipping out on themed cups, napkins, etc. or making decorations yourself) so you can splurge on the stuff you really want. Invite a small/medium group so you can spend time with each person and avoid breaking the bank. And make it about something that brings you a ton of joy. You can’t go wrong with that combination.

Overall, this party went even better than I expected. I put a lot of hard work into it, and it was worth it to watch it all come together. I am so grateful for all the family members who traveled to celebrate with us, and TONS of helping hands that made this thing a success.

We couldn’t be more excited/terrified for this parenting adventure.

Thanks for sticking around to share it with us.




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    One of the few activities my husband and I enjoy doing together is golf. We just mentioned having a golf gender reveal theme but felt like I was a little crazy. Your post was so helpful and perfect! Thanks! ⛳️😊


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