Baby Bump Update – 20 Weeks

Ultrasounds, baby kicks, and a whole lot of lovin’.

This belly is getting big, people!

As in, I waddle when I walk and I just had to spend more on shoes than I ever have in my life, kind of big. The upside is that I’ve hit that stage of pregnancy where I actually have energy, and I feel like I’m accomplishing so much more with my day!

I really didn’t believe other people when they said this stage would come – its kind of hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel when you’re either puking or napping for weeks at a time. But for those of you that are still in the I-feel-like-I’m-dying stage… just know that there is hope!

Also, the bigger belly means I’ve gotten to experience some pretty cool new stuff. My favorite of which is feeling our baby kick. You know how people say that baby usually kicks when you’re lying still for a while, because the swaying motion of your body while you move around rocks them to sleep? Yeah, well this baby didn’t get the memo. Homie has been kicking me like crazy, all day and night! Lets hope this sleeplessness settles down a bit before he/she comes to live on the outside. For now though, I can’t seem to get enough of it.

Speaking of he/she, we finally got our ultrasound to find out the gender!

The coolest little nugget ever.

This may come as a shock to some people, but you don’t really need to have a thousand ultrasounds during your pregnancy.

In fact, the ultrasound we got last week was our very first. YUP. We’re halfway through this pregnancy and just saw our little baby for the first time. And it was so worth the wait. Not only were we able to see an actual human-like person, and not just a blob, but baby was also super mobile and gave us some awesome photos to take home!

Look at those legs! The little arms were also stretched above his/her head at one point. So cool!

I definitely understand why people choose to get ultrasounds early in pregnancy and also frequently, because every person is dying to meet their tiny human and check on their well being every second.

But truthfully, ultrasounds can only detect physical issues, and your blood work and even your urine tests will give you a lot more info about your current health and also what sort of genetic issues you might be prone to early on.

For most baby mamas, listening to your baby’s heartbeat using a doppler (my midwife did this for me on my first visit) is enough to let you know how things are going in the beginning. Their are exceptions to this of course, but unless you’re pregnancy is high risk, you don’t need to worry about it. And if you plan on keeping your precious baby, regardless of any detected physical issues, then don’t let that fear creep in and make you crazy. God works miracles, regardless of what the scientific analysis may show.

I get that I’m a bit of a hippie, but I really do research on things if I’m questioning them. And I use common sense and logic to decide if I think things are beneficial or not for my body and lifestyle. So if you’re interested in the reasons behind why we waited so long to do an ultrasound, read this article. It really helped me to weigh the benefits and risks of what we call “normal”.

But enough of the serious stuff!

My most recent bump photo (above) was taken by my lovely friend, Allison Lanier.

She honestly has been one of the most interested and supportive friends throughout this pregnancy so far, which is awesome considering she has no kiddos of her own. Between blood family, family by marriage, and all my sweet friends (new and old), I feel like I hit the jackpot. Life isn’t perfect by any means, but this journey sure is more fun when you’re surrounded by people who love you!

Another adorable photo taken by my girl Allison.

Do you feel like I left you hanging with the whole gender reveal thing? Sorry about that.

The thing is, we got this ultrasound, but Anthony & I don’t actually know the gender yet. That essential bit of information is sealed up in an envelope, waiting to be revealed at our little family party next week. But don’t worry, I fully intend on blasting it all over social media the moment we find out! To make sure you don’t miss a thing, follow me on Facebook or Instagram!

For those of you who take the time to read all my random ramblings here and otherwise, thanks for being so awesome. Pregnancy can be a weird and difficult journey at times, but overall its been pretty amazing and getting to share it with others makes it even more fun.




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    I love these pictures! Remember how I told you that the euphoria that would come by 5 months is delightful? I sure am glad that you are experiencing that! I L💜VE YOU! I can’t wait until the gender reveal and then meeting our sweet baby😘

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