Baby Bump Update – 16 Weeks

A first glimpse into my pregnancy journey! Getting real & showing off the belly.

If you’ve ever been pregnant or been in a room of moms, you’ve probably heard these magical stories of women who feel amazing their entire pregnancy, never got sick, and had a somewhat easy and quick labor. I like to call these Unicorn Pregnancies. Because guess what?! They aren’t real.

I can say this confidently, not because I have tons of experience (this is my first baby and I have no idea what I’m doing), but because the fact is that your body changes when you’re pregnant. Not only do you gain weight and suddenly have a basketball strapped to the front of your body, but your hormones change, your boobs fill with milk, and you eventually have to push that basketball human out of a small hole that you’d prefer not stretch quite so large.

And if you can say that you didn’t feel an ounce of insecurity, fatigue, or pain during that entire process, you were either seriously doped up or you’ve completely forgotten what its like to be pregnant.

(Side note: this was our pregnancy announcement. Look at us, all smiling and skinny and totally unprepared! How sweet. You can create your own like this super easily using Canva. They don’t pay me to say that; I just really like it and can create some cool stuff on the free version!)

Anyway, the latter somewhat makes sense to me. Motherhood is hard, and nobody seems to forget to stress how different life will be once the baby is born. Maybe all those struggles and awesome moments of caring for this new human can make women forget about the crap they had to endure during pregnancy. So by the time they pass on their knowledge, they are just beaming with excitement for you and forget to tell you that your knee caps are going to be on fire before you even have a lump under your shirt.

I don’t know. But what I do know is that my pregnancy has NOT been a magical carpet ride. I spent two weeks fighting off a cold (I haven’t been sick in years), I’ve had more fever blisters than I care to discuss, and up until about a few weeks ago I have spent every single day trying to fight off nausea so I can be a productive human being. Oh – and somehow I got bronchitis, which made me feel like maybe I was dying.

And if someone in your life is newly pregnant and they complain that nausea has rendered them totally useless, please don’t tell them about all the freaking nausea remedies you’ve ever heard of. I guarantee your friend has googled and tried every suggestion she can find – and most of the time THEY DON’T WORK. I’ve tried everything, and this baby was just not having it. And even if they did, a person cannot spend 24 hours a day sipping tea and sucking on peppermint candies.

But you know what, even thought I feel like I’ve been hit by a bus every morning and my poor husband is about ready to escape from my pregnancy hormones, I can’t even tell you how excited I am about this baby. I mean I got to hear its tiny little HEARTBEAT last week. Holy. crap. If you’ve never been pregnant and therefore have never heard the heartbeat of a tiny person that you are growing inside of you using your own body parts – then I just can’t explain the feeling. But if you have, and you’re one of those moms who told me about how cool pregnancy is – and maybe forgot to tell me that I’m going to be out of breath from simple things like vacuuming – then I think I might be starting to understand why.

There’s a lot of crappy stuff that goes along with growing a human, especially for the first time. Your body changes and you feel like you could strangle everyone around you, even when they treat you undeservedly well. But despite all that, you have an overwhelming number of moments when you ugly cry because you can’t believe you’ve been given this awesome gift. At some point, even when your head is in a toilet, you remember that you are this chubby goddess of life. That realization that your body is capable of growing, giving birth to, and nourishing a baby, greatly outweighs all the junk that other moms will undoubtably forget to tell you about when you announce your pregnancy.

Initiation into the mom club has begun.


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    I LOVE IT! Especially “You remember that you are this chubby goddess of life”-I mean, I don’t even have kids, but this empowered me so!

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