3 Pregnancy Items You Can’t Live Without!

3 Pregnancy Items You Can't Live Without!

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One downside to being 6 months pregnant is that its nearly impossible to be comfortable anymore. The third trimester is right around the corner, which means three long months of increasing discomfort. But I have the tools to help keep me happy and healthy as baby’s birthday gets closer. These are the 3 pregnancy items you can’t live without!

3 Pregnancy Items You Can't Live Without!

#1 – Bamboobies

I’m only 26 weeks pregnant and I already have to wear nursing pads in my bra to keep dry.

I complained about staining my bras and having itchy nipples for a whole month before I finally ordered these milk-proof pads. I love the Bamboobies because they’re super soft and machine washable, which means I’m not constantly spending money on disposable ones. And they were actually created by a fellow mama! I love that I’m supporting a small business and family with my purchase. The difference in comfort has been amazing.

#2 – Full Body Pillow

No joke, I’ve made every single one of my pregnant friends lay down with my pregnancy pillow so they can see how amazing it is.

I have a pretty bad neck injury, so I’m used to sleeping on my back to reduce pain. Learning to sleep on my side has been a huge adjustment, but this pillow is so comfy. It supports your head and neck, and has a piece that goes between the knees for hip support, all of which is extra important when you’re pregnant.

I also love that I can lean back against it so its doesn’t feel like I’m sleeping on my side. Or I can sleep facing it and wrap my arms around it to snuggle. Its everything I need in one pillow! No more maneuvering a bunch of smaller pillows around me to get comfortable.

And, of course, you can remove the case it comes in to wash it easily. Which is awesome if you have a dog who likes to cuddle and inevitably covers every surface with his hair.

There are lots of different pillows on the market, but my family got me this Leachco Snoogle a few months ago and it has SAVED me. Don’t wait until you’re losing sleep to get one. Its worth the investment! And honestly, you’ll never want to get rid of it. I have to keep Anthony from stealing mine, and I fully intend to hang on to this amazing pillow even after baby is born.

#3 – Supportive Tennis Shoes

I began experiencing some gnarly foot pain way earlier in my pregnancy than I expected.

Around week 15, my feet were already getting sore are tired after just a few minutes of walking. Anthony pestered me for about a month about getting new shoes, but I absolutely hate shopping. The idea of going store to store to find the perfect shoes to support my pregnant body sounded like actual torture.

He eventually forced me to go shopping for new shoes about a month ago. After I complained my way out of 2 different stores, we got back in the car. I thought I had won the battle, until he went the opposite direction from home on I-4 and drove my butt to Fit Niche.

The manager at the Lakeland location was super sweet and helpful. She did a free analysis on my feet and showed me where the pain may be coming from. She found shoes to support my arch and keep me from walking on the inside of my heels. It was also the most expensive pair of shoes I’ve ever purchased. But the next day I spent 3 hours on my feet at Whole Foods without feeling like I might die. And that, my friends, is totally worth it!

3 Pregnancy Items You Can't Live Without!

And just for fun, here’s a picture of me & the bump at the Strawberry Festival this week! Utilizing those amazing tennis shoes again.

Do you have certain items that have kept you happy and healthy during your pregnancy? I would love to hear about it! Leave me a comment below and help spread helpful tips for fellow baby mamas.




  1. I used a Preggae pillow’ in the day… two oval shaped pillows velcroed together by a strip of fabric- we called it adjustable . I hear you mama!
    One thing I can add that is essential and I didn’t discover it until my 7th month is to go swimming! Want to relieve all that pressure on our back and spine and. Ions? Float around for a while- you’ll feel practically brand new😜

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